The CERISE project outputs will be essential for medium to long-term upgrades of the C3S systems with targeted progressive implementation in the next three years and beyond. The CERISE consortium is led by ECMWF who has a strong experience in research to operations (R2O) transition. The consortium includes the key C3S partners involved in operational reanalysis and seasonal prediction development and production, to ensure quick transition to operations and to achieve efficient integration in the C3S.  Therefore, the novel CERISE methodologies, prototypes, demonstrators, and diagnostics will be developed in strong collaboration with the existing C3S operational and development teams and will leverage the C3S infrastructure. The consortium has also taken on-board a private-sector company with a strong expertise on AI for satellite data.

CERISE is organised into eight Work Packages (WP) designed to support the CERISE objectives towards the evolution of C3S reanalysis and seasonal prediction systems. The WP breakdown structure reflects the CERISE concept defined to address priorities of the research and development activities that were identified in the original funding call. 

The CERISE coordination team, in collaboration with the WP leaders, will therefore monitor these interactions very closely for the duration of the project. 

The figure illustrates the CERISE WP structure.